PercorsoTango di Carlo Colajanni

Tango across Europe
di Carlo Colajanni
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"PercorsoTango"  is a proposal addressed to all lovers of Argentine tango who want to start from scratch or would like to improve the ability to dance. We also welcome dancers who would like to accelerate the process of understanding the essential both aesthetic and functional elements  (elegance, fluidity, smoothness, musicality, etc.). We offer a deep  study starting by the elementary analysis of the movement and ending  with complex choreographic figures typical of the tango-show. The project was born in Rome, Italy, thanks to the collaboration with a group of teachers from different disciplines (contemporary dance, ballet, gymnastics, pilates, yoga, music education, etc.) that have cropped each in its area of competence, an ad hoc formation suited to the tango. The proposal represents a unique and valuable approach for the  understanding of the detailed aspects for the "good dancing" and that very often are available just to professional dancers and technicians. The lessons are offered in regular courses and seminars (restricted to  few students) and are made up of five sections of work. They are:

1)  Preparation of the body  2)  Quality of movement 3)  Comunication  4)  Musicality  5)  Structure  

This unique  approach has done for "PercorsoTango" an indisputable point of  reference, known to all lovers of the tango, for the serious application  of a high quality and effectiveness method of teaching.

Please, write to Carlo or contact him via FB if you are interested in this project
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