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To increase the quality of dancing we must  start first working with our body. Basics such as balance,  dissociation, softness, etc.. must be accompanied by proper physical  preparation which shall also be necessary for performing correctly some  typical movements of the tango (boleos, Ganchos, sacadas, piernazos,  poses, jumps, etc.). The workshops of this section will help in this  work targeted for the use and consumption of those who dance tango and  will be structured on levels of increasing difficulty (Liv. 1-3)
Examples of seminars already held and that you can take:  

Moving smoothly: elasticity and balance (Lev. 1)

The seminar is open to men and women, beginners or not, who are  looking for  less rigidity in the basic  movements of their dance and  want to improve the structure of their body in motion. The proposal work  works is mainly based on posture, balance, dissociation with targeted  stretching exercises to free joints of the hips and knees.

Preparing the boleos (lev. 3); Balance (lev. 2)  

This seminar, quite challenging, focuses on preparing the body  for the proper performance of hooks and boleos. To correctly performing  these movements (in a particular "circular" and "linear" boleos) we need  appropriate stretching exercises matching with the proper technique and  balance which will provide morbidity and natural movement

Postural plasmodynamics (liv. 1)

The seminar discusses the issues related to posture, breathing, and t  the dynamics of the body movement in space using stretching and  strengthening muscles and tendons. The work helps in developing a deeper  understanding of our body and its mechanical properties at any time of  the dance, allowing the reworked and cross exploration of different  styles of tango.  

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