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di Carlo Colajanni
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Communication  literally means something in common. Transposing the meaning in the  tango, we might say that communication is the sharing of emotion and  music through movement for the couple. The language that makes this  magic involves the entire body and creates the deep symbiosis with a  partner which is the real source of pleasure of the dance. The workshops  of this section will help you to understand how to create and test this  language to experiment the enormous expressive potential of our body.
Examples of seminars already held and that you can take:

Harmony between the dancers : relaxation and communication

The seminar deals with basic mechanisms of the communication  (visual, tactile), the building of the relation of our body compared to  the surrounding space and the contemporary management of "discomfort"  for the presence of the another person. The workshop ends with  verification on each student. It results more relaxation and pleasure in  performing in pairs, the basic elements of tango (walking, basic steps,  turns).

Smoothness and naturalness of the gestures (I)

This seminar deals with the study of the "natural" transmission  of the movement using the principles and techniques of what today is  called " biotransational method”. The search for mind-body balance and a  profound work of self-consciousness will be the keys that will help to  test, in pairs, less tension in leading and following the tango  movements.  

Tango and Shiatsu: subtle communication in tango

Tango salon, milonguero tango, tango nuevo ...! How to  communicate in tango creates highly personal style that the dancer  chooses a deep instrument of self expression .This seminar, starting  from shiatsu techniques, moves the study of tactile communication in  tango analyzing breaks, fears, conditioning, and stiffness that often  arise unnatural movements and inhibit the pleasure of dancing.

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