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di Carlo Colajanni
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Starting from February 2008 PercorsoTango has launched the proposal for a series of seminars devoted to the structure of tango. These seminars, each lasting four hours, are intended to deepen and explore, for each of the topics the possibilities of improvisation in tango dancing. The workshops are aimed at advanced students. Here is the program about some workshops we have already held:   

- Solo Boleos

- Solo Ganchos

- Solo Colgadas

- Solo Sacadas

- Introduction to Tango Nuevo

- Out of axis figures I

- Out of axis figures II

- Only walking

- Ganchos hombre y muyer

- "Atypical" sacadas

- Sequences with piernazos I

- Sequences with piernazos II

"Atypical" boleos


Study of complex tango sequences I

Study of complex tango sequences II

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