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Carlo Colajanni is the founder and the tango teacher of “PercorsoTango” and often uses external collaborations of professional dancers (local partners when he moves out of Italy). Carlo begun his approach to tango in 1997, in Rome (town where he has today his residence) after a  two years experience in standard dances. After following some courses in his country, he studied, among the others, with Osvaldo Zotto, Diego Di Falco, Eduardo Capussi, Pablo Pugliese, Norberto Esbrez ("el Pulpo"), Julio Balmaceda, Carlos Gavito, Gustavo Naveira, Chicho Frumboli, Fabian  Salas, Sebastian Arce, and Pablo Inza. In 2003, 2004 and  2005 continued his studies in Buenos Aires studying systematically with Carlos and Maria Rivarola, Jorge Firpo, Roberto Herrera Cristina Cortes, Mora Godoy, Ruth Manonellas. Then he followed intensive courses at the school  "Tango Discovery" with Carla Marano learning the fundamentals of the  structural approach to the dance and feeling much closer to the "nuevo"  tango style. This choice will affect the teaching method adopted, then, in "PercorsoTango" and will bring him to deepen further subjects which  concern the study of the dynamics and mechanics of movement. He took part, also, in several RAI television shows, and in a series of  entertainment, exhibitions and theatre events. Since 2007 he teachs traditional  tango and tango nuevo as well as he is involved in seminars and  workshops for tango preparation and choreograpy techincs. In recent years Carlo has enriched his way of teaching in his courses “importing” concepts from other subjects: they regard the use of postural techniques (Rolfing method), emotional mechanisms (Feldenkrais), motion analysis (Laban/Bartenieff) and methods borrowed from contemporary dance (Graham, Limon, contact, release). He has also developed, among other  things, a useful method for the recognition of the most important tango orchestras. Since 2009 he turned professional dedicating 100% of his time exclusively to teaching. In 2012 he wrote the book "Tango. Guida tecnica ai fondamenti e analisi dei comportamenti emotivi nella danza" (only in italian) and started also a regular activity as Tango DJ for big private events. In 2018 he published the novel "Il Maestro di Tango. La leggerezza della profondità" (The Tango Teacher. The lightness of depth) which contains references to his theatre's show "Il Tango di Tersicore".

If you are interested in a collaboration or for any other question, please write to Carlo

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